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Sheetal Sathe- Kabir Kala Manch sings for Mothers of India (English Subtitles)



Sheetal Sathe is the Backbone  of the Kabir Kala Manch, a spirited  musical troupe which emerged in 2002 after the Gujarat Riots.This leftist cultural group, with students and professionals as its members, drew its  inspiration from Kabir’s poetry, and conveys its social message—of denouncing injustice and oppression—through public performances. Sheetal married outside her caste against  her  family wishes , but convinced her mother. The state doesn’t like  their music. Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorism Squad is after  all memebrs of Kabir Kala Manch , and  they are underground  because they have been accused of being in contact with Maoists. Her songs are about   feminism, casteism, equality and unbridled capitalism. Two members are behind bars Deepak Dengle and Sidharth Bhonsale .

This song is dedicated to all Mothers of India, penned and sung by Shettal Sathe, this clip has been taken from Anand Patwardhan‘s

Jai Bhim Comrade


Anand Patwardhan- launches Kabir Kala Defence Committee


For Kabir Kala Manch art is much more than a medium of entertainment. It’s a tool to denounce injustice, mobilise the oppressed, prepare them for struggle, create consciousness and bring about positive change.

The manch, which is a group of students and professionals, has been making people aware on various social issues through their forceful shahiri and street plays in the city.

The group comprises writers, composers and talented performers who impress the audience with their thoughtful compositions and presentations.

The Gujarat riots in 1992 inspired the artistes to come together and use their art for awareness. Drawing inspiration from Kabir’s compositions, with social messages, they chose to name their group after the sant who has commented on various issues in his dohas.

But Last year , ATS booked two members of the Pune-based Kabir Kala Manch (KKM),  and other memebers have been forced to go undergroudn due to fear  of the Police. Hence, Kabir Kala Manch Defense Committee, has been formed by activists and film makers, this is an open platform, as a support for all artistes and cultural activists in the country who are facing state repression.