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  1. All your protest consists of singing and dancing and nothing else what revolutiion is that going to bring. And I find it that all you do is taking an easy route of protest which in my view will take another thousand years to succeed you cannot appeal to peoples conscience by singing and dancing. Singing and dancing is for entertainment and not a tool of protest. And people will not take it seriously at all. If you really admire Dr.BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR than follow what he taught, read his books and you will find the right effective path.

    • This singing and protesting can awaken the hope in millions of oppressed and exploited. Sheetal and sachin’s singing bring struggling hardworking people together. Due to Sheetal’s song Bhagat Singh is alive again in many of us.

      Che once said, ” if exploitation of oppressed people make you tremble in anger, then you are my brother, sister, comrade”. I am humbled by the sincerity, strength, energy and revolutionära spirituality of young activists of KKM. I slute their dedication.

      Shashi Kumar

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