Pushpa Bhave inaugurates bole ke lab Azaad hai tere . #FOE #censorship


Pushpa Bhave inaugurated the program Bole ke lab azaad hain tere inn support of freedom of speech and expression in Indian Constitution

A crusade for creativity – speak, your lips are free.

“If the shudra intentionally listens for committing to memory the veda, then his ears should be filled with (molten) lead and lac; if he utters the veda, then his tongue should be cut off; if he has mastered the veda his body should be cut to pieces.” – XII. 4. Manusmruti

The institution and practice of slavery is one of the ugliest chapters of human history. No human group on earth has suffered the unspeakable horrors so much as the Shudras and Ati-shudras in India, who have trudged through this dark tunnel for eons. For many eras the then prevalent Brahmanical social system had subjected this creative and productive human group to torture and abuse through slavery, thereby denigrating their life to a deaf and mute existence. One might question the propriety of digging up the ancient past in today’s times – the reason is simple: These inhuman practices continue to exist even today, slavery keeps resurfacing in one form or the other.

The 20th century in Indian history is marked by a significant occurrence – the struggle for freedom by the slaving Shudras. The foundation of this great struggle was led by Charvak, Gautam Buddha, Kabir Ravidas, Tukaram Shivaji Maharaj and like-minded abrahmains, who had a rational, materialistic and scientific approach. The struggle reached its zenith of human liberation due to the stellar efforts of Phule–Shahu–Ambedkar.

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar brought forth a new era of equality in the Indian history by providing all individuals an equal level of citizenship. If you look at the Indian history carefully, it is apparent that there has always been a bigger counter-revolution by the descendants of Manu as a reaction to a small revolution by the egalitarians. The Mooknayaka started to speak up, to read and write, the old shackles of religion started to loosen. As a result, the ardent followers of Manu started feeling uncertain about their impenetrable fort of faith that seemed to stand on slippery ground. But what could they do? Neither could they air their fear openly, nor could they bear it quietly. Then they maintained a strategic silence and tried to come to terms with it cleverly, following their usual strategy. Conspiratorially and step-by-step, they started dismantling the armour from Mooknayaka that he acquired after India had won freedom. First they eulogised the legislative principle of equal treatment and opportunity and then discreetly eliminated it. Subsequently they played the religion card and spread religious and racial hatred. It resulted into bitter battles and a brutal massacre of the labour and working class belonging to certain castes and sub-castes, this was a relapse of the dark era.

As a consequence, the concept of secularism was set ablaze before it could take root. The natural resources of Mother India were made available for foreign investment – the sovereignty of Indian Constitution was put on auction.

No Indian can keep quiet, when the freedom of his country is for sale.

While the most lethal epidemic is spreading in the world, only a few humans stand resolute against the enemy of humanity and are determined to remain altruistic. At any given point of time, such people are only a small handful. Dictators consider them as a major threat, hence they first try to woo them to join the thieves’ guild and be one of them. If all fails, they are offered a high post in the governmental machinery, a position of power or even monetary funds, in order to silence their noble quest for ever. If these measures fail, they construct new prisons for these humane persons and try to crucify them.

What is going on today? There is a constitution in this country, albeit without a soul. All pillars of democracy are dilapidated. Only those who have financial capital, rule the media and can brag and pontificate on anything. The supporters of Brahmanism and under-belly of capitalism keep blabbering nonsense incessantly. Those who are misleading the society by screaming utter lies have been given freedom of expression; and those, who write and speak the truth are forcefully silenced either by means of the police power or by the side-kick fascist organisations. But these moves are no more a secret.



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