Sheetal Sathe is inspiring people to write


Dear Friends

Please find below a piece of inspiration written by  KKM defence Committee Facebook Page  member,  Nidhin Shobhana , who lives in Pune. Kabir Kala Manch Defence Commitee was formed  a few days back to fight the state opression against artistes who use their music, poetry and voices to make people aware of their rights .

(A poem Inspired by Sheetal Sathe )

When I heard her voice
It pierced my silence
Denying me a full stop
Sowing red-blue seeds of uneasiness
It infringed my benumbed bubble
Of comfortable ends,
Of easy full stops

Her voice haunts me
With Question Marks and Exclamations
She drowns me in concealed waters
Of tears, of sweat, of shame and of anguish…
The decisive full stop
Seems like a distant dream
A red-blue dream!
Her voice will guide me.


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